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Competitive Advantage

We've found that most hosting companies don't have a research and development department; they just resell the same system that every other hosting company uses. Unfortunately, this means that you experience the same problems and the only difference is customer service and price.

Mecca Hosting has always strived to provide the best hosting service in the business at affordable prices. We are most certainly not the cheapest provider, but you can be assured that we have one of the fastest, most reliable, and most secure services in the business. All of our systems are proprietary and not something you will find anywhere else, as we don't license our technology to other companies.

1. We're faster than almost every other hosting company.

We can provide a much faster service because we never host websites and e-mail services on the same servers. This means that the large volume of e-mail traffic (most due to spam), does not slow websites hosted with Mecca Hosting. We also use caching, compression, and specialized software techniques to further increase the speeds of our websites. Finally, we do not host too many websites on one server to ensure that the servers are never overloaded. You have our guarantee that you will not find a faster web hosting or e-mail service.

2. We're one of the most reliable hosting companies.

We provide great reliability through the use of special software that continuously monitors the health of each server. If a server is attacked or is under a heavy load due to form or blog spammers, it can manage itself to continue to operate normally. Our software also notifies an administrator about any problems within 70 seconds, so that we can immediately react to any problems. Finally, we use special security measures like bot blocking and file system restrictions to ensure hackers cannot cause outages.

3. We're also one of the most secure hosting companies.

We have specially designed systems that are very difficult for hackers to break into. We also monitor all login activity on customer accounts and automatically detect and lockdown affected accounts to protect our clients. We also closely guard all customer information using military-grade encryption and restrict access on a need-to-know basis; our support personnel have to access to customer data, not even an e-mail address.

4. We have a very easy-to-use service.

We have custom-designed our services to simplify the process of managing hosting services. We have learned how to make our services easier to use from our customer's feedback. Of course, we're not necessarily the easiest service to use, but we're one of very few hosting companies that listen to customers and have the ability to change our services, which we can do because we designed them; we didn't buy the software from another company.

5. We want our customers to succeed.

We freely share knowledge and advice about our industry with our clients. We also allow search engines to find websites hosted with us so that our clients don't have to pay for search engine promotion services. We even share knowledge about how search engines work to improve website rankings at no additional cost. We partner with our customers to help them succeed because if they fail, we fail.

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